Are you Ready to Free Yourself from the Cycle of Anxiety and Panic Attacks?

If so, working with an experienced Chicago therapist who specializes in anxiety could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

I have been working with panic and anxiety for over ten years and I have become aware that there are many popular techniques that simply don’t work! I offer a unique approach with rapid results that teaches you the skills that are most helpful in putting a stop to panic and to manage anxiety.

We all experience fear. However, if you’re like many people who struggle with anxiety and panic attacks, sometimes it becomes the center of your life. You may be experiencing fear, nervousness, doubt or indecision on a regular basis.

Although these feelings may come and go, they can return and keep you feeling defeated. Perhaps you’d like to get back to the person you were before your anxiety got this far, but it’s hard to imagine that it’ll happen.

You may have tried self-help and found that it doesn’t provide you with enough relief. On good days it feels like things will return to normal, but your symptoms keep coming back. And on a bad day, it’s likely you feel like your life is spinning out of control. It doesn’t have to be this way, let’s see if we can make it better–call me today at (847) 529-8600.

Maybe you experience one of the following:

  • You have panic or anxiety attacks that come ‘out of the blue.’
  • You feel worried or stressed and have muscular tension and/or irritability.
  • You’re anxious in social situations, have a hard time with small talk and/or meeting new people.
  • You have a specific fear such as driving, flying on an airplane, or public speaking.
  • You have unwanted thoughts (obsessions) or repetitive behaviors (compulsions) that concern you.

If this sounds like you, please keep reading, you are not alone

Research shows that 18% of people in the US report have significant anxiety.

Therapy or counseling can help you break the cycle of anxiety and help you lead a more peaceful and satisfying life.

Through working with an anxiety therapist, you can:

  • Stop the cycle of panic attacks so you can start enjoying life again
  • Break free from social fears that get in the way of dating, work, or socializing
  • Give up the worrying habit and feel more at peace with your decisions
  • Break the cycle of obsessions and compulsions and feel peace and calm
  • Overcome fears of specific situations (such as public speaking, dental or doctor visits, etc.) so you can live the life you want

You don’t have to face anxiety alone, therapy or counseling with a specialized anxiety therapist can help!

No one taught you how to soothe an anxious mind, so why would you know what to do?

I have extensive experience in providing anxiety counseling services to people who struggle with anxiety. When you experience a lot of anxiety or panic, your brain is trained to look out for danger. What I know is that through therapy you can build new habits that result in less anxiety.

Through therapy, I will assist you with how to best respond to anxiety, and develop a personalized stress-management plan. Once your anxiety is managed, you are free to work on developing a life driven by your values, interests and goals. Contact me today for a free 10-minute telephone consultation.

What makes me different from other anxiety therapists and counselors?

  • I am passionate about helping you beat stress and anxiety. I use research-based methods that teach you tools starting from the very first session. Together we can work to find solutions that lead to relief from chronic anxiety and stress. I aspire to help you find solutions that lead to the life you desire and envision for yourself.
  • I take a holistic approach. Whenever possible, we consider whether your symptoms can be alleviated without medication. We will also look at working on the symptoms that you are currently managing with medication. Finally, if you chose to discontinue medication for anxiety, we will work with your physician and develop a plan to address any re-emerging symptoms.
  • I focus on your strengths, not just your symptoms. Anxiety makes us forget about our positive attributes and inner resources. I will assist you in rediscovering your strengths, values, and goals.

You can get your life back from fear and you don’t have to let panic or anxiety ruin another moment of your life. If you area ready to move past anxiety and panic rapidly, give anxiety treatment a shot!