Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is the length of therapy?

The course and length of therapy is uniquely related to you and your concerns. I offer a brief course of therapy where appropriate that is 16-25 sessions. Typically we would schedule weekly sessions at the beginning and meet less frequently towards the end. Longer term therapy is also available.

Do you treat issues other than Anxiety?

Yes. In addition to treating anxiety, I also provide treatment for depression, Anger, Relationship Difficulties, Stress, OCD and other issues. If you are not sure whether I deal with your particular issue,  you are welcome to contact me before setting up an appointment.

Do you accept my insurance?

I will provide a receipt with the necessary paperwork if you decide to pursue reimbursement by your insurance company. I do not bill your insurance. I am considered an ‘out of network provider’.

Why don’t you take insurance?

In order for insurance companies to pay for services, they need a diagnosis code. Some clients do not want this code on their medical records. Giving a diagnosis, while helpful, focuses on liabilities and not the whole person. Further, this diagnosis becomes part of your medical record and remains in the insurance database for years, even in cases where the issue has been fully resolved. In some instances this may affect your eligibility for health insurance in the future or difficulty obtaining term life insurance.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept cash, checks and credit cards.

How do I schedule an appointment?  

You can schedule an appointment by calling 847-529-8600 or e-mailing meIf you have further questions, I am happy to offer a free phone consultation to determine if I am the right therapist for you.

Are you ready to start living a life free from anxiety and panic?

If you answered yes, here’s what to do:

  1. Call me today at (847) 529-8600 for a free 10-minute phone consultation
  2. If you’re ready to book an appointment, click the Schedule Appointment button below to access my online appointment scheduler. I will then call you within 24 hours to discuss your needs.