7 Ways to Become More Resilient This Year

Build good supportive relationships. It has been found that people who have good relationships with family and friends are happier and more resilient. Adopt a hopeful outlook. Optimism has been linked to resilience. If this does not come naturally to you, ask yourself how a more optimistic friend would look at the situation. Remove [...]

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Anxiety in Men

In my practice I frequently work with men who experience panic or anxiety. Of course every one experiences anxiety uniquely. However, what I noticed is that men experience anxiety differently than women. In general, men trend toward thinking in categorical terms such as sick/well, strong/weak, right/wrong or win/lose. When applied to the experience of [...]

Managing Holiday Anxiety

  Holidays can be a time of joy and connectedness, as well as increased stress and anxiety. The anxiety often comes from a few sources; expectations, being around family members who bring up uncomfortable topics, and increased demands on our time and energy. We love the holidays, however Hollywood movies have created this myth [...]

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What is Social Anxiety?

If you have social anxiety you may be extremely uncomfortable in social situations and try to avoid them. You may feel intense anxiety about being judged by others and live in fear of doing or saying something shameful or embarrassing. When you do participate socially, it may feel as though there is a spotlight shining [...]